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Consulting helps companies to improve their performance and to succeed in the competitive environment. Modern businesses require reliable and experienced consulting services to solve problems and to implement solutions that have a positive effect on sales, profits and productivity. is a comprehensive consulting information resource, offering explanations of consulting areas, important consulting topics, as well as information about careers and career opportunities in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Find the best consultants and consulting firms in our consultant database - The Market for Consulting Services.


Consultants that support your business with problem-solving solutions and advice in any business area. Find ways to increase your profitability and to empower growth rates

Consulting Firms

Consulting firms in the UK. We explain how you can find a consultant that matches to your needs. Find the best consulting firms in your region or within the entire country.


Careers in the consulting industry. We provide valuable resources for students and professionals that intend to start a career in a consulting firm or as an independent consultant

Consulting Jobs

Consulting jobs in the UK. We provide detailed information about career profiles and a search engine to find jobs in your region and matching to your profession and experience