An Overview of Project Management

Project management is the process of planning and organizing a team of people, to implement a number of actions, in order to complete a project. Project management is a group activity, and often the group members are selected carefully based on their skills and their ability to successfully bring the project to completion.

What do Project Managers do?

The project manager is the person responsible for organizing the team, and ensuring that the team successfully carries out their roles and completes the project. The project manager is responsible for carrying the project from its initial stages up until its completion. They are responsible for telling each team member what to do, for keeping the whole team informed, and for ensuring that the team is motivated.

The Project Management Process

The methods used during the project management process use vary between project managers, but often they follow a similar process. The first step in the project management process is to plan the project and get whoever is in charge to okay the project. At this time, the project manager may also assemble their team. After this, the project manager and their team create a detailed plan, and create a budget to ensure that their project will be financially viable. The next step is to organize how the plan will be implemented. This involves the project manager informing every person on their team of their role and what action they need to take. The final step is to take the plan into action and complete the project.

What Skills and Qualifications are Required to be a Project Manager?

As there are so many different fields that a project manager can work in, the necessary qualifications for becoming a project manager vary. Project managers can work in a number of different fields. Project managers can work on construction sites, or they can manage a project at a corporation, so the qualifications necessary will depend upon the field that the prospective project manager wants to enter. However, a general project management qualification, often in the form of an undergraduate degree or diploma, is generally a recommended choice for prospective project managers.

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