Construction Consulting

Construction consulting is a specialised form of business consultation that focuses on all forms of construction, most notably building construction. When companies, especially large ones, need to build new installations and factories, they need conceptual planning, phasing, sequencing, and construction services.

The primary goal of any build is to end up with high-quality product while remaining within budget and on schedule. In today’s construction market, this is a nearly impossible task without the professionals specialised in accomplishing it. The specific services provided by these professionals includes, but are not limited to, project planning, risk management, construction management, schedule delay analysis, construction cost estimates, construction claims, expert testimony, and litigation support.


Construction Consulting Firms

Hiring the consulting firm will often be the beginning of the process for most businesses. The consulting firm will assess the company’s goals and then put a plan in place to handle the logistics and reach the goal. Generally, the consulting firm is there every step of the way from conception to execution of the strategy to finalization of the project.

Construction consultation often overlaps the services of other consultation types, most notably financial consultation. The consultation firm will have a financial consultant involved in the project from the beginning. It is the financial consultant’s job to project costs and then control them throughout the life of the project. In many scenarios, they also work closely with the business’ financial department to secure funding and to ensure that the firm/business is funding the project properly. It is also the duty of the financial consultant to act as a liaison between the firm/business and many government agencies.

In addition to construction logistics, businesses require a construction consultation firm due to the liability involved in construction projects. The construction consultation firm handles risk assessment and risk management. In the event of damage or injury, the firm provides the litigation support, expert testimony, claims management, technical analysis, forensic accounting, so on and so forth. If the company has its own legal department, the consulting firm coordinates with them during the process.

The scope of the logistics and liability of large builds has grown so immense that even dedicated construction outfits outsource many of these tasks to a firm that specializes in it. In addition, even small builds can benefit from the attention of a dedicated construction consultant. While they do not have all of the concerns of a large project, the consulting firm can help to streamline the process and save money.

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