Interview Preparation

Interview preparation for internships and jobs in the consulting industry. The set up of the interview varies between different consulting firms. Most interviews are a composition of several interview rounds with more or less senior consultants. If you apply for a permanent position, you may expect more interview rounds than during the application process for an internship. 

Since case studies are a fundamental part of the interview rounds, its key to practice the solving of case studies prior to the interview.

Business cases, some cover real stories, others are fictional, are a great opportunity to demonstrate the ability to solve problems and to apply logical reasoning during the interview. Normally there is not only one correct solution for a case. So it is important to explain your solution and the way of problem-solving.

Expect also questions like “What’s the overall revenue of all daily transatlantic flights?” or “How much beer consumes an average Mexican during a year?”. Nobody knows the correct answer without using an internet search engine and sometimes even that method doesn’t lead to suitable results. Therefore it is important to understand the Bottom-Up as well as the Top-Down approach. 
Additionally, most consulting firms are applying numerical tests, often computer based. Therefore it is important to revitalize and expand your abilities in the area of basic arithmetic, percentages and simple algebra.

What is 14% of 2713?
What is 128 multiplied by 115?

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